1400 TPD coated board line starts up at Shandong Bohui in China - Papermart

1400 TPD coated board line starts up at Shandong Bohui in China

The Metso-supplied coated board production line delivered to Shandong Bohui Paper Industry Co., Ltd. In the City of Zibo in Shandong province, China, came successfully on stream on December 31, 2009. The new 6.25- m-wide BM 2 produces close to 1,400 tonnes of folding boxboard per day.

“We started small but are growing steadily. Our plan for the future is to become the largest coated board producer in China” says Yang Yanzhi, Project Director of BM 2, Shandong Bohui Paper.

Metso’s scope of supply comprised an all-online coated board machine from headbox to winders with related stock preparation and air systems, as well as a BCTMP (bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp) plant. The complete automation systems package included quality controls, runnability and condition monitoring systems.

The line’s technological features include a 3-ply multi- Fourdrinier forming section equipped with ValFormer shoe blade forming technology and a ValZone metal belt calender, enabling raw material savings and ensuring excellent printability of the board. Coating drying is carried out with highly energy efficient PowerDry Plus air dryers that consume up to 50%less energy than conventional infra red dryers. BM 2 was started up with Metso’s Tamfelt fabrics in the forming, press and dryer sections and Tamfelt BlackBelt shoe press belts.

Shandong Bohui Paper employs approximately 5,000 persons. The annual paper and boardmaking capacity is around 1.25 million tonnes.