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Publication Increased even when Economy Recede

front page, tree imagePublishing is an activity of making the information available to the masses through books, periodicals, magazines etc. Being one of the biggest consumer’s of paper publication industry is an integral part of the paper industry. The Indian publishing industry is nurturing and emerging mightily in the global scenario. Envisioning this, we took an opportunity to interact with the experts of the publishing industry.We basically foregrounded the key factors which influence their paper buying decision such as price, quality, availability, brand awareness and the relation shared with the suppliers. Their views on these factors were categorized as Important or Neutral or Not Important and are revealed with their supporting comments. Along with that we took their opinion on some of the issues like effect of global meltdown on their industry, the challenges they are facing and the growth prospects for the industry as well as their company.

The critical locution of this interaction was to determine the purviews of the publisher’s and at the same time to provide a platform to the paper manufacturers and publishing diligence. During this survey we realized that price is the epicenter around which their buying decision revolves. Although, government’s thrust on education acted as a shield at the time of recession; they acclaimed.

Mr. N.K. Mehra

MD, Narosa Publishing House

Consumption TPA —

publication 16

Mr. Vikas Gupta

MD, Wiley India

Consumption 2000 TPA

publication 15

Mr. Satish Malhotra

MD, Swan Press

Consumption TPA —

publication 14

Mr. Navin Jain

Vice President- Publishing, S. Chand & Co.

Consumption 6000 TPA

publication 13

Dr. Dhanesh Jain

MD, Ratna Sagar

Consumption 1500 TPA

publication 12

Mr. Thomas Abraham

MD, Hachette Book Publishing India

Consumption 108 TPA

publication 11

Mr. S. K. Ghai

CMD, Sterling Publishers

Consumption 1500-1800 TPA

publication 10

Dr. Ashok Gupta

MD, Pustak Mahal

Consumption TPA —

publication 9

Mr. P.K. Bajaj

MD, Mayapuri

Consumption 1800-2000 TPA

publication 8

Mr. Piyush Agarwal

Director, LBF Publications

Consumption 200-300 TPA

publication 7

Mr. Vasant Goel

Director, Gopsons Papers

Consumption 12,000-18,000 TPA

publication 6

Mr. Ravindra Kumar Agarwal

Director, Pitambra Books

Consumption 8000-10,000 TPA

publication 5

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh

Chief Publisher, Higher Education, MacMillan

Consumption (TPA) —

publication 4

Mr. Divesh Nath


Consumption 10,000 TPA

publication 3

Mr. Ravi Deecee


Consumption 1000 TPA

publication 2

Mr. Pramod Kapoor, MD

Roli Books

Consumption (TPA) —

publication 1

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