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Gugan Paper to setup 150 TPD Kraft Machine in Tamilnadu

Gugan Paper Mills Private Limited is putting up a 150 TPD recycled fibre based kraft paper machine. The plant is located in the paper belt of Madathukulam on the bank of river Amaravathi in Dindigul district, Tamilnadu. The used Voith machine imported from Germany will produce Kraft Liner, Test liner and fluting media. Pulp Mill equipments are from Parason Machinery, Ruby, Aims, Re-winder from Jagenburg and Disperser is Voith make. Production is scheduled to start in Feb- Mar, 2011.The machine has a deckle size of 2550 mm,

production speed of 400 mpm, multi-wire followed by bi-nip press section with size press. Mill management claims it to be the first mill in India to use higher steam pressure in the paper machine.

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