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PMT Italia to upgrade PM #5 at Hiang Seng Fibre Container in Thailand

March 10, 2014

Hiang Seng Fibre Container Co., Ltd have selected PMT Italia as the supplier of the key sections for their Paper Machine no. 5, which will be installed at the mill located in Samut Sakorn, Thailand.

The machine, with a 6.2 m wide wire and a design speed of 900 m/min, will produce premium quality Liner and Fluting, mainly using local OCC. The project is expected to improve Hiang Seng’s production capacity as well as to consolidate their position on the market as a premium quality paperboard supplier.

The project includes a new forming section along with two new headboxes ÆGO™STREAM S, one of which equipped with smarpro L dilution system.

A top forming unit ÆGO™FORM T and new drainage tables will be installed. The press section will be equipped with an ÆGO™FLX SHOE press while the dry end of the machine will see a new ÆGO™SIZER P and paper run optimisation along the Dryer Section with new smarstabi boxes and smarstabi rolls.

Other parts of the machine will also be upgraded in close cooperation between Hiang Seng’s and PMT’s engineers.

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