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Global Forest and Paper Industry Celebrates International Day of Forests

The ICFPA represents more than 30 national and regional forest and paper associations around the world

March 21, 2016

The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) celebrated the United Nations International Day of Forests. ICFPA is proud to represent the contributions of the global forest products industry to sustainable development, ensuring that environmental, social and economic benefits are available to current and future generations.

Forests are essential to life on our planet. They provide clean air and water, and regulate climate. As renewable and recycable resources, forests are an important part of the solution to meeting global needs for foods, fuel, fiber, medicine and other products important to our daily lives.

The global forest products industry is inherently renewable. ICFPA members are commited to sustainable forest management with some 300 million hectares of certified areas from which a significant amount of wood fiber used by the industry is sourced.

“By following best practices, well‐managed forests of all types are a positive contribution to the provision of distinct products and services that are essential for human well‐being and development. Thus, our industry is helping to mitigate climate change while providing social inclusion,” said ICFPA president Elizabeth de Carvalhaes.

The ICFPA’s 5th Sustainability Progress Report (2015) highlights the industry’s advancements on a range of sustainability indicators and focuses on the industry’s contributions toward a green economy, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions intensity, the increase in sustainable forest management, and a high paper recycling rate.

The ICFPA represents more than 30 national and regional forest and paper associations around the world. Together, ICFPA members represent over 90 percent of global paper production and half of global wood production.

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