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From Forestry Biomass to Natural Gas

Gaz Métro in collaboration with G4 Insights proved that PyroCatalytic Hydrogenation is viable to convert biomass into natural gas.

Gaz Métro 1Over the efforts in past several months, Gaz Métro has been conducting a demonstration project aimed at converting forestry biomass into second-generation renewable natural gas. In collaboration with G4 Insights at the Natural Gas Technologies Centre in Boucherville, the trials have enabled them to develop a unique conversion process which marks an important milestone in the development of new renewable energy technology in Québec.

Gaz Métro and G4 used a thermo-chemical process called PyroCatalytic Hydrogenation (PCH) to transform wood chips from Québec into renewable natural gas. The process is now ready to be tested in a larger pilot project that will produce greater volumes. The major goal is to use forestry biomass and produce a “green” energy supply of Québec-sourced and renewable natural gas. This natural gas, over the coming years, could be used to supplement the renewable natural gas being generated by the biomethanization projects of Québec munici-palities that have opted to transform organic waste into energy.

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