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Daio Paper Co. Ltd Buys White Liquor Pressure Disc Filter from Valmet

The new white liquor pressure disc filter is scheduled to start-up in September, 2017 at Daio Paper Co. Ltd’s Mishima pulp mill in Japan.

January 2, 2016

News 4Daio Paper planned for a new white liquor pressure disc filter by Valmet to be installed in parallel with the existing two lines of white liquor filters. The white liquor filters are used in pulp mills’ chemical recovery process to secure a consistent quality of the white liquor, with an optimal strength suitable for the plant. This investment is done in order to be able to increase the white liquor production, which was limited in the existing lines.

Modern digesters need a high and consistent quality of white liquor to produce the optimal pulp quality and yield in cooking. The OptiDisc WL filter by Valmet produces completely clear white liquor and washes the lime mud. The very high white liquor yield increases upstream capacity and eliminates the potential process disturbances that increased amount of dregs, and other non-process elements (NPE’s) in the white liquor, can cause in the pulp cooking process.

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