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Black Clawson Limited : A Product Range for the Recycled Board Industry

Black Clawson Ltd was originated in Hamilton, Ohio, USA, in the 1880’s and has been delivering innovative machinery to the world wide paper industry since that time.

Paper Mart recently had a brief interaction with Black Clawson Limited. Excerpts:

PM: Tell us your company profile in brief.

42Company Spokesperson: Black Clawson Ltd was originated in Hamilton, Ohio, USA, in the 1880’s and has been delivering innovative machinery to the world wide paper industry since that time. One of our proud boasts is to have delivered the first modern paper making machine to Asia in the 1890’s and we have regularly helped in shaping the paper industry into its current form.

In 1948, Black Clawson began manufacturing in Newport, Wales, UK, under the guidance of the Landegger Family, who are still actively guiding the company’s direction as Mr. Carl C Landegger still owns the company Black Clawson Limited. Black Clawson Limited began trading in its present form in 2000. Prior to 2000, the company was known as Black Clawson International and belonged to the Black Clawson group of companies owned by the Landegger family.

At Black Clawson Limited, we have a proud history of designing and building exceptional equipment for the recycled paper and board industry, and we constantly strive to improve our business with new machinery designs that enable our customers to produce better products more efficiently and more profitably. We are proud to offer innovative products and technologies that enhance efficiencies for long-term sustainability. Our approach is simple: know our customers, understand their process, and use our specialized expertise to deliver the right solutions.

We have supplied in excess of 400 Bristol Former Head Box board forming devices to paper and board mills around the world as well as a variety of other equipment used in the production of board. Our goal is to be the preferred supplier in our customer industries, collaborating with our customers to continuously improve their competitiveness. Technology is one of the key success factors in achieving this goal, as well as in improving the profitability of our own business.

PM: Please share your product portfolio.

CS: Our product range include Bristol Super Former, Bristol Liner Ply Former, Bristol Turbo Former, Bristol on Top Former with short wire, Hydraulic Headbox Range, On Line Coating Equipment – Rod/Metering Bar, Air Knife, Blade with Roll Applicator, Blade with Jet Fountain applicator, Octopus Header, and Octopus Header with Manual Water Dilution.

PM: Are there any new developments at your company’s end?

CS: We have recently introduced to the Indian and the USA our new Liner Ply Former, which is specifically designed to improve both formation and cross machine profile, leading to a lesser use age of the more expensive top layer pulp – Octopus Header with Automatic Water Dilution.

PM: What are your plans for the Indian Market?

CS: We plan to increase our presence in other market sectors within the paper and board industry with the introduction of new machinery and technology to increase mill efficiency and sustainability.

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