Mitsubishi Launches Metallised Inkjet Paper for Extraordinary Labels

It is suitable for water-based inkjet printing (dye and pigment inks), compatible with latex inks and gives ‘optimum performance’ in the self-adhesive production process including labeling.

July 8, 2019

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper has launched a metallic-silver-gloss inkjet paper, developed for water-based inkjet printing, suitable for self-adhesive label applications including packaging.

With the launch of brand-new Jetscript METAL VPG 1018, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is bringing something absolutely unique to the market: a metallic-silver-gloss inkjet paper, developed for water-based inkjet printing and particularly suitable for self-adhesive label applications.

The Jetscript METAL VPG 1018 paper is a pure fibre-based paper product with a metallic mirror finish and a transparent, microporous inkjet coating for excellent printing performance. The paper includes features like high-print density, fast drying, compatible with latex printing and optimum performance in self-adhesive production process.

This makes jetscript METAL VPG 1018 not only the ideal product for eye-catching and high-quality labels in the cosmetics, beverage or food industry produced in digital inkjet printing, but also for exclusive, personalized wrapping paper, high-quality advertising panels and displays.

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