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Amit Engineers Introduces HI-FLO Thickener Drum With Vat

The new HI-FLO Thickener is altogether different from conventional thickener – with perforated plate or with spiral wire winding on drum face.

May 25, 2020

Hi-Flo Thickener
Hi-Flo Thickener Drum

As the name goes, the HI-FLO Thickener has been especially designed to have an open area of practically 200% more of the conventional thickener of same size. Open area of conventional thickener (with perforated plate) is approximately 40% while in HI-FLO thickener, effective open area is 83%.

The thickener is known for more-output at higher consistency. And; it means

  • More production/output
  • Saving pulp section running hours
  • Saving power

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