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How Chemicals and Enzymes Became Critical for Papermaking

Growing with the Indian paper industry, Anmol Polymers Pvt. Ltd. has evolved some of the most diverse chemical and enzymatic ranges aimed at complete processes of pulp and papermaking, starting from pulp making to paper manufacturing and water treatment. Joining hands with global leaders like Novozymes and others, the company...

Paper Arabia 2014, to be held from September 21 to 23, adds corrugated and carton industries to its portfolio

Manik Seth
UAE trade in corrugated packed products crosses 3 million tons (valued $4.6 billion in 2013) According to the ‘Future of Corrugated Board Packaging up to 2019’ report published recently, the global corrugated packaging industry generated nearly 90 million tons of finished products, worth over $140 billion in 2013. Demand for...

Paper Arabia 2013: Platform for Middle East paper industry

Manik Seth
The Event Middle East’s event for paper industry, Paper Arabia 2013, was recently held at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre. With more than 110 exhibitors from 23 countries from across the world, Paper Arabia 2013, as expected, turned out to be a key platform for traders and industry players to...

Slow & Steady wins the race

Manik Seth
During our childhood days, all of us would have read about “Hare & Tortoise” fable. The famous lesson from the fable was “Slow & Steady wins the race” however, most of the times; the first mover advantage holds true (except in some cases). But now there is a slight change...

BASF to Relocate Paper Dye Production from Germany to India

Manik Seth
With a view to future growth markets for paper chemicals and dyestuffs in China, Indonesia and India, BASF’s Paper Chemicals division will reorganize its global business structures. The business in optical brighteners for paper is to be exited in Europe, and it is planned to close the corresponding production operations...
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