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UFlex to set up a New Production Line for Paper Straws

With the installation of the new production line, UFlex will become the first company in the country to commission a U-shaped paper straw manufacturing unit. The production is projected to start in the second quarter of FY23.

June 24, 2022

UFlex U-shaped Paper Straws

UFlex Ltd. has announced its initiative of installing India’s first production line for U-shaped paper straws for its aseptic liquid packaging business. As published in news reports – the manufacturing line is being installed at its aseptic liquid packaging plant in Sanand, Gujarat.

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By becoming India’s first and world’s fastest-speed line U-shaped paper straw manufacturing company, UFlex, through its aseptic liquid packaging brand Asepto, is furthering its efforts in sustainability. The paper straw manufacturing line will be equipped with fully-automated Dutch technology and will have a production capacity of about 2.4 billion straws per annum.

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Mr.  Ashwani Kumar Sharma, President & CEO, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business, UFlex Ltd., said, “With the launch of U-shaped paper straws, we are ready to change the dynamics of the industry. We are constantly looking for strategic ways to improve the environmental performance of our products and create avenues for superior, convenient, and sustainable packaging. The line’s installation for ready-to-drink aseptic liquid packaging at our Sanand facility is a great example of our company’s commitment toward creating better and safer products for our future generations.”

The U-shaped paper straws will be available in sizes – 145mm and 165mm that will be attached to and utilised for juices and other beverages. The paper straws will be food grade, moisture-resistant, and made from sustainably-sourced papers, which are 100 percent recyclable.

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“After the successful installation and commissioning, we aim to attain 100 million straw production in the first month and raise it to 200 million in the next couple of months. We aim to produce 2.4 billion straws annually. The aesthetics and quality of the product are at par with global standards”, Mr. Sharma further added.