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specialistWith this issue we introduce to you our new segment the Specialist in the paper Industry, who are experts and devoted to their areas of working. The idea behind starting this segment was to make the industry aware about the technical aspects of various technologies which play crucial role in paper making process. Starting it, with a company like Parason which is known to be the leading Indian supplier of Pulp Mill equipments. Parason is cruising by providing its state of art equipments which is the result of their proficient R&D and the technical know how about the equipments along with their International presence. Below you will find the excerpts of the interaction with Mr. Shekhar Dessarda briefing us about the things to be considered at the time of selection of the equipments, new technological developments along with various other issues.

PAPER MART : What are the key factors which should be considered while selecting the pulp mill equipments?

Shekhar Dessarda : The process of papermaking is quiet tedious and so it all depends on the manufacturer that what kind paper he is supposed to manufacture. The type of equipment being utilized during manufacturing is big thing since accurate kind of machine can only produce the right quality of pulp which is required to produce right kind of paper. Hence knowledge about the machineries used at the pulp manufacturing site will always be advantageous while making selection. So having complete knowledge of paper making process and how it works is important factor apart from raw material at paper mill, location, skilled work force availability & what the entrepreneur wants to achieve!!
PM : What are the new technologies available to achieve better process efficiencies? How does your equipment add to the efficiency levels of the paper mills?

SCD : The growing concerns of global warming, is among the most important drivers of technological change in the pulp and paper industry. Emissions are primarily associated with the Kraft chemical pulping process. Cost at every stage in manufacturing sector is moving forward and the focus area is maximizing the energy savings and the resulting benefits to society. Parason has already made progress in developing new energy efficient equipment and machineries with technology support from European expertise. We are also working on giving our customers improved design equipment and its spares where energy savings are kept on high priority to increase the process efficiency and long durability and sustainability of the equipment.

PM : What are the major technological differences in the pulp mills in India and Internationally? Which are the key areas to be improved?

SCD : Globalization has bridged the gap of any major technological difference of pulp mills in India and Internationally. In India we only fall short on two accounts, volumes as consumption of high quality grades is low and lack of automation due to high costs of energy takes back step.
Parason has been instrumental in serving the customers equally in India and abroad with at par international quality pulp mill equipment at affordable price to give un hindered performance.
PM : What kind of R&D you undertake before making the equipments? In fact how do you develop a solution?
SCD : Parason has in house R&D centre equipped with most modern equipment like Spectrometer, Image Analyzer to test raw material worthiness, purity. Design and Metallurgy of internal component of equipments are key factors for selecting Pulp Mill Equipment. Parason is consistently improving designs of equipments in line with international standard to achieve maximum efficiency of equipments. Metallurgy of components equally plays important role in efficiency and life of equipments. Parason have full fledged SS Casting facilities with R & D Lab which is backbone of our Company. This facilitates manufacturing of critical parts of the Fiber Line equipment like Rotors of Hicon Pulper & Screens, Refiner disc, Disperser Screws & Disperser plates etc., with required metallurgy to suit different applications at our own works.
Failure analysis is done on regular basis which gives insight for perfection. There are lots of micro elements which contribute to performance of the equipments. This criticality can only be understood by the proper R & D in the metallurgical/mechanical Lab only. We, then take the trial before floating into the market.
PM : Your installation base & market share in India & Internationally.
SCD : We have almost equal market share in India & abroad. Germany accounts for more than 30% of our exports. We have earned name as an Import substitute company for supply of refiner fillings which is our core business area at par with international quality standards at affordable price. Our competence and confidence of our valuable customers worldwide has induced us to offer complete pulp streets. We have close to 215 pulp lines installed to our credit for various grades of paper manufacturing world-wide.
Parason has earned image as reputed supplier in most modern and sophisticated markets like Europe, for our consistent product quality, and acceptability at affordable price. Parason has transformed itself from import Substitute Company to reliable export oriented company worldwide.

PM : How does Parason add value to its customer on technical & service front? What more product & services you will offer to the industry in the coming time?

SCD : At Parason, we value the customer’s comments, their suggestions, their problems as regards to technical up-gradation and need of future. When we go through this methodically, we immediately take action from metallurgical point of view. We have the software for machine design, where we decide many technical parameters.
Parason does not differentiate in the quality which is sold in India and abroad. We make only one quality for all of our Customers. My father Dr.Dessarada always insists to produce ‘One quality, Good quality’. There has been no distinction between the users, whether it is in India or abroad. We have Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). There is consistency in quality at Parason and maximum field engineering is done inhouse only. Our object is that when the customer installs Parason’s equipments, thereafter they should remember us in the case of expansion only. Our equipments should be energy efficient, smooth running and productive. We try to implement suggestions from our all prestigious customers, in design. This refines our products to the perfection.
Parason have very wide marketing network not only India, but across the globe. We give equal importance irrespective of customer producing 10 TPD or 1000 TPD of paper. Parason strongly believes that “Once a Customer, Always a Customer”.