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ANDRITZ to Supply Major Pulp Production Technologies for Klabin’s Pulp Mill in Brazil

The order value for ANDRITZ is in the range of approx. EUR 190 million. Start-up has been scheduled in the second quarter of 2021.

This order once again confirms the excellent business relationship between ANDRITZ and Klabin.

May 17, 2019

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Klabin to supply energy-efficient and environmentally friendly pulp production technologies and key process equipment for Klabin’s “PUMA II” project in Ortigueira, Paraná, Brazil.

ANDRITZ also supplied major technologies and process equipment for Klabin’s pulp mill in Ortigueira (Puma Unit), which was started up successfully in 2016.

For Puma II, the ANDRITZ scope of supply includes the following equipment, to be supplied on full EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) basis:

A complete Wood Processing Plant using the same proven technology as the existing ANDRITZ woodyard for the Puma Unit line; including two eucalyptus debarking and chipping lines, chip storage with 360° stacker-reclaimer, chip screening, bark handling with ANDRITZ BioCrushers, bark storage, and a purchased biomass receiving system for the new power boiler. Each debarking line can process both eucalyptus and pine with world record capacities (pine/euca 400/350 m3 sob/h) and consists of an ANDRITZ debarking drum, which provides excellent debarking results with very low wood losses, and the unique, horizontally fed HHQ-Chipper (XL model), ensuring high capacity without compromising on chip quality.

An ANDRITZ HERB Recovery Boiler for a combustion capacity of 3,300 tds/d with high steam parameters of 103 bar(a) and 502°C to maximize power generation. The HERB recovery boiler features energy-efficient recovery from gases cooling and feed water preheating technology to maximize steam production for power generation. It is designed for long operating periods without requiring wash water. ANDRITZ’s delivery includes state-of-the-art soot blowing control technology. Optimum soot blowing results are controlled by ANDRITZ’s latest technology innovations: the Hanging Heat-Transfer Surface Weight Indicator (HEWI) and the soot blowing Advanced Control Expert (ACE).

A complete White Liquor Plant, consisting of the same technology as the mill’s existing ANDRITZ white liquor plant in the Puma unit. The new re-caustizing plant (5,000 m3/d capacity) includes efficient green liquor filtration with LimeGreen filters – producing clean green liquor and minimizing waste to landfill, white liquor filtration with a LimeWhite filter – maximizing the white liquor quality, and efficient lime mud filtration with a LimeDry filter – ensuring high lime mud dryness, which results in low heat consumption in the kiln. The LimeKiln has a multi-fuel burner and capacity of 450 t/d.

A Power Boiler based on ANDRITZ EcoFluid Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) technology. The scope of supply includes a biomass-fired boiler with flue gas cleaning and other auxiliary equipment. The new Power Boiler is combined with the Recovery Boiler to form a “Boiler Island”, and some of the auxiliary equipment is shared between the two boilers. This provides savings in both investment and operating costs. The capacity of the boiler is 220 t/h of superheated steam, which is brought to a steam turbine shared with the Recovery Boiler. The fuels used are bark and wood rejects from the mill.

The ANDRITZ order also includes some items for the existing Puma Unit pulp line such as wood processing plant rebuild to increase capacities in the 360° stacker-reclaimers and conveyors, and preparation for the eucalyptus and pine cooking feeding systems, densities expected in the future, addition of a first stage for oxygen delignification and ANDRITZ Stirox white liquor oxidation for the eucalyptus line.