Anmol Polymers starts Ethiopia's biggest Paper Mill - Papermart

Anmol Polymers starts Ethiopia's biggest Paper Mill

anmol polymers newAnmol Polymers had started a 25000 TPA writing printing cum kraft paper plant in Ethiopia in the name of Anmol Products Ethiopia PLC. The trial production was successfully done on 6th August 2009 and commercial production is calendared in September end. Setup with a total investment of 7 million dollars, the second hand Walmsley machine was bought from Garnett Paper, U.K.
Conversing about the idea behind putting up a mill in Ethiopia Mr. Arvind Sharma said, “We had plans to enter paper manufacturing but due to high concentration of paper mills across India we decided to look for a virgin market and finally landed in Ethiopia.” He further added: “Ethiopia comprises of 70 million inhabitants with per capita paper consumption just around 1 kg. Moreover there is huge gap between the demand and supply with only one paper mill, which showcased an ample scope for growth in the paper industry.”
Situated 75 KM from the capital Addis Ababa the plant has got some location drawbacks i.e. aloofness from the city, higher logistics cost due to its land locked location. Anmol had already received 50% power supply and expects to get the rest requirement soon. Being a waste paper based plant along with company’s strong technical background the plant will be easily able to adhere to environmental norms. To tackle the manpower issues a team of 25 Indian professionals is to be placed in Ethiopia also the company will be providing training to the local personnel.
Anmol’s vast experience of exporting chemicals had helped them to understand the market vibrancy better than any other foreign investor. Taking the benefit of wood availability the company plans to put up a 250 TPD of pulp mill.