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BASF launches XELOREX™ a new 4-in-1 solution that reduces total operating cost and increases productivity

BASFDay 3-4 Newsletter, 26-27th October 2013
Under the brand name XELOREX™, BASF has launched a unique solution for the production of paper and board. The new BASF brand of multifunctional 4-in-1 wet-end chemistry responds to the diverse challenges the paper industry is facing these days. Whether it comes to reduction of complexity in production, a higher stability of operations, a boost for productivity or an improved cost-efficiency – a broad range of needs are addressed by applying only a single product of the XELOREX™ family.
XELOREX™ reduces complexity in the wet-end through its 4-in-1 functionality. It enables papermakers to achieve and improve the effects of retention, drainage, fixation and strength. Further, it has the potential of replacing other wet-end chemicals up to an extent of 100%. Application of XELOREX™ also leads to proven enhancements of a variety of dry strength parameters. This can mean a 10 to 30% improvement in this area, depending on the basis weight and the paper grade.
The solution offers higher efficiency due to less downtime. The reduced draw allows for machines to run at significantly increased speeds. Further the outstanding improvement of the initial wet web strength (IWWS) reduces the number of breaks and this way improves productivity. In addition, XELOREX™ provides enhancements of a variety of dry strength parameters, which is particularly important in the production of packaging paper and board.
Finally, XELOREX™ means an improved cost-efficiency for papermakers as it targets a variety of cost drivers in the papermaking process. Through its powerful dry strength performance, expensive long fibers can be replaced with lower-cost short fibers. It also enables the increased use of recycled fibers. Additionally, XELOREX™ supports an increased filler loading, as it leads to a better integration of filler particles into the paper web.
XELOREX™ accelerates drainage tremendously and supports press-dewatering to significantly save on steam. As XELOREX™ allows increased filler loading, it indirectly helps to save steam since less fiber needs to be dried. Overall, specific fixed costs are diluted without compromising on the quality of paper and board.