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BASF showcases comprehensive range of solutions for paper and board industry

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BASF shares its extensive expertise in the Paper chemicals space by engaging in meaningful discussions with customers across the paper and board industry at Paperex

BASF presented its comprehensive range of solutions for the paper and board industry at the recently concluded Paperex 2011 in New Delhi.

As a leading supplier to the paper industry, BASF’s product portfolio is focused on wet-end chemicals, which include process chemicals to optimize costs and increase paper machine efficiency and functional chemicals to lend specific properties to paper; and coating chemicals to improve the appearance and performance characteristics of printed paper & board.

BASF displays a strong commitment to research and development and their R&D activities focus on new innovative solutions for paper customers as well as improvements in cost, process and product performance to address the industry’s demands. Moving closer to our customers, the Paper Application Centre equipped with state-of-the-art, special equipment to test the printability of coated papers was relocated and brought to Chandivali, Mumbai.

“We are very excited about innovation. One of our new products with unique chemistry is polyvinylamine (PVAm) which targets increased strength and runnability for packaging grades and lowering total cost from higher retention lower fibre usage in graphical grades,” said EngSoo Chew, Senior Vice President, Paper Chemicals Asia Pacific, BASF.

Ecovio FS Paper is yet another exciting product extending into the extrusion packaging value chain. A new compostable and biodegradable plastic for extrusion coating on paper and board, Ecovio has excellent barrier properties against mineral oils, fats, liquid and aroma. It also complies with EU and Nafta legislation for food contact.

Chew further elaborated, “Taking appropriate care of our planet’s resources, we have developed Ecovio FS Paper to address biodegradability, compostability of plastic materials for packaging. We help to meet this demand with our innovative chemistry. Our new chemistries have already generated strong customer interest. We are thrilled with the opportunity to present our fresh solutions and work together with our customers to find what works best for their needs.”

“By being closer to our customers through a local presence, we are able to provide customers with technical expertise and solutions for sustainable future. We innovate to make our customers more successful, reduce the total cost of operations and address water, energy and fiber footprint to create more sustainable image of paper industry,” said Jyotsana Shrivastava, Business Director, Paper Chemicals India, BASF.

A technical presentation on ‘Reducing Total Cost of Operations – Concept & Mechanisms with PVAm’ was also made by Christian Jehn-Rendu, Manager Asia Pacific – Regional Research and Development Paper Chemicals Asia Pacific, BASF, was appreciated by the attendees at the Paperex technical conference.