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BillerudKorsnäs Inaugurates KM7, World’s Most Modern Board Machine

The world’s most modern board machine was inaugurated in the presence of HRH Prince Daniel of Sweden and Minister of Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan, among others.

BillerudKorsnäsOctober 3, 2019
The investment made by BillerudKorsnäs in the new KM7 machine at the Gruvön mill is the company’s biggest investment to date and one of the largest industrial investments in Sweden in recent years. It aims to meet the globally growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

KM7 has a length of 350 metres and weighs 17,000 tonnes. The machine produces liquid packaging board, white top kraftliner, cartonboard and cup stock, which BillerudKorsnäs customers use for milk cartons, fruit boxes, and “quality cardboard boxes”, for example boxes for electronics, perfume, chocolate and whisky bottles. The production capacity is 550,000 tonnes/year, which equates to 100 million 1-litre milk cartons every day. The products that are manufactured in the machine will help reduce the world’s use of fossil-based plastics for many years into the future.