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BILT Standardizes on FisherSolve

27 July, 2011

Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), part of the USD 4 billion Avantha Group, and India’s largest paper company announced that it has deployed FisherSolve™ to help the company understand its competitive advantages and capitalize on them. FisherSolve is a global analytical tool used by the world’s leading paper companies for cost benchmarking, market analysis, competitive analysis, capital planning, and strategic decision-making. BILT, as it grows in India, Southeast Asia, and other markets, needs to allocate capital, select its markets, price its products, and run its operations with world-class sophistication.

“BILT is a global company and to compete successfully, we must benchmark our asset competitiveness with the industry’s best-in-class,” says Neehar Aggarwal, Chief Operating Officer (COO). “We wanted better insight into the competitive landscape than we can get on our own so we decided to use Fisher International’s FisherSolve tool. Given the huge investment required by the pulp and paper market, we had to have the best possible information and analysis. We chose Fisher because we believe their data-driven methodology and powerful software gets us the best insights available.”