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Brunnschweiler Brings Most Advanced Drying & Ventilation Techniques to India

Brunnschweiler needs no introduction for air technology in paper industry.The company has firmly positioned itself as one of the distinguished supplier of drying and ventilation techniques in paper, cardboard and pulp manufacturing since last 50 years, offering a personalized service from project definition to performance test. The company asset is their world class manufacturing unit, which has been instrumental in making it the leading manufacturer globally. We interacted with the management of Brunnschweiler on this significant moment of introducing their Indian 4, Brunnschweiler
Paper Mart: Highlight Brunnschweiler’s major achievements over the years.
pg 4, Brunnschweiler GermanMr. Germán Moreno: We had a dream of supplying Brunnschweiler products all over the world and today I am glad to say that we have supplied our products to most of the leading paper manufacturers across the world. We are in high spirits to say that we have achieved which was deposited in our mind some decades back. The management strives hard for suppliying quality product and thus to fetch better realization of our company’s product. The company follow all the required measures to be consistent. We believe that we have a tremendous opportunity at the forefront, for us in Indian Paper Market and we anticipate becoming a reference supplier in India in air technology for paper industry.
Paper Mart: How this great journey was started?
GM: Brunnschweiler was born in 1950 in Italy by Mr. Brunnschweiler with the name Brunnschweiler I t a l i a . In 1970 Brunnschweiler Spain was founded in Munguia (Vizcaya), after another manufacturing unit was settled in Burgos (Spain). In 1989 the Italian business was sold to a multinational and Brunnschweiler Spain unremitting its operations as an independent and self determining company, with the name Brunnschweiler. Today the group has two manufacturing units in Spain, one in China, one in Brazil, and one office in USA. We have sales agents crossways the world to work in close collaboration with our customers.
Paper Mart: What made you think of entering into Indian Paper Industry?
GM: We have been doing projects all the way through the world but recently we can see a massive scope in Indian Paper Industry as per capita consumption for paper is only 7 kg in comparison to world’s average of 55Kg. We have already concluded one project of Abhishek with Allimand, another at Ballarpur Industries, Ballarshah is in steps forward and one with Voith in Century is in near-term. To draw more nearer to the Indian paper manufacturers, we have a very reliable and assiduous representative Mr. Puneet Maheshwari in India based at Noida.
Paper Mart: Can you tell us some of your products and how they are useful in these times of economic crisis?
pg 4, Brunnschweiler borjaMr. Borja Córdoba (BC): We provide products at very optimum cost because customers satisfaction is our motto. We have products for low, medium and high speed paper machines. The product list includes:
• Open and closed Hoods including PV systems,
• High Velocity Hoods for MF and tissue machines
• Hall ventilation
• Heat exchangers
• Former and pulper exhausts including false ceiling
• Air dryers for coated paper, felt paper, special paper etc
• Circofloat deflectors / dryfloats
• Tissue paper mist and dust elimination
• Steam and condensate installations
• Motor and switch room ventilation
• Trim handling system
• Stabilizing and blowing boxes.
The list goes on, but in a nut shell, everything related to air in a paper machine is available.
Application of our products ensures substantial energy saving and helps in improving the productivity which is the necessitate of the hour as the margin of profits are squeezing because of sky-scraping raw material costs and ceiling on the selling price of the paper. The best line of attack to come out of these economic crisis is to perk up the operational efficiencies by saving energy and we are helping our customers to do so.
Paper Mart: What are your future goals?
BC: To be no.1 supplier to paper manufacturers in our faction. To help our customers with their issues. Help them to save energy by either rebuilding the existing set up or replacing it with new-fangled technology.
Paper Mart: Since when you are present in India and what is your installation base?
pg 4, Brunnschweiler puneetMr. Puneet Maheshwari (PM): We are in India since Jan 2009 with an office at Noida. We are very reliable and committed market players in India at the identical point in time we are very competitive and quite flexible also. We bestow our customers the choice of manufacturing some parts by themselves or in our supervision to formulate it more economical. But in saying this all our Engineering is being done at Spain. I am swollen with pride of providing access to the domestic paper manufacturers the option of fantastic quality of products about which the paper manufacturers was aloof of.
Paper Mart: What are your plans for the Indian paper&tissue industry?
PM: Technological development has been vital for tissue applications where drying process requires very high toll of evaporation, temperature and blowing velocity, as well as regularity in humidity profile. We can endow with high velocity hood for tissue machines where the temperature can go up to 700 deg Celsius. There is no machine in India where this temperature has been achieved so far as per my acquaintance.
Apart from this our key focus is on Rebuilding the existing hoods, and supply of new hoods to the Indian paper manufacturers. It is designed specifically for use with modern drying sections, while continuing to possess Brunnschweiler’s traditional advantages of ease in dismantling and low energy consumption.
Paper Mart: What sort of focus does Brunnschweiler gives toR&D?
PM: We have a pilot machine in Spain where we do our entire R&D related to our products. Our R&D department is incessantly studying innovative solutions, scrutiny them in this pilot machine at more than 1000 m/min, in order to improve the performance of all our products. We combine technological skills and material science knowledge with a customer-focused design approach to bring innovative, high-efficiency solutions to the paper industry. pg 4, Brunnschweiler 1
Brunnschweiler combines technological skills and material science knowledge with customer-focused design approach to bring innovative, high-efficiency solutions to the paper industry. Our final goal is to always provide the best installations and service to our customers and to fulfill all their requirements.