CRI Pumps acquires pumps business of UK-based company - Papermart

CRI Pumps acquires pumps business of UK-based company

CRI PumpsA leader in pumps for various domestic and agricultural applications and some industrial applications, CRI Pumps recently acquired the pumps business of a UK-based company manufacturing a complete range of pumps for industrial applications and fluids. As a result, it now offers a complete range of pumps for the paper and pulp process, chemical process pumps and slurry pumps, apart from general water supply pumps and an entire range of gate, globe, check and butterfly valves.
CRI currently offers the ECP series – a new range of pumps for paper, pulp and process applications. This range, which consists of 12 different sizes in horizontal and vertical configuration, is based on proven technology and designed for lower life-cycle costs and optimum performance with the end customer application in mind. These pumps are suitable for handling paper pulp stock and fibrous pulp (up to 8 per cent consistency) and Air Entrained Liquors and Black and Green Liquors.
One of the company’s future targets is to be the most preferred partner for industrial pumping solutions for its customers in chosen applications and to be known for the quality of its solutions and for its commitment to delivery and service.