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Dunaujvaros PM 7 breaks records already at start-up

dunaujvaros newFast and perfectly on schedule, Dunaujvaros PM 7 started paper production in mid-June 2009. The packaging paper machine delivered by Voith produced the very first paper of 90 g/m² with a record speed of 1,225 m/min. The owner, Hamburger Hungária Kft. Containerboard, is part of the Austrian Hamburger Group and operates Hungary’s largest paper mill at the Dunaujvaros site.

The PM 7, with a wire width of 8,600 mm, has been designed for a speed of 1,500 m/min. With an annual capacity of around 400,000 tons, the machine produces corrugating medium and testliner in a basis weight range of 70-150 g/m².

The entire production line, from stock preparation to reel, has been completed, using the proven One Platform Concept. The PM 7 runs on a 100% recycled stock basis. The DuoFormer Base gap former is equipped with a MasterJet M2 two-layer headbox with ModuleJet dilution water control. In the press section, a DuoCentri-NipcoFlex press with QualiFlex press sleeves guarantees high dry contents. The entire dryer section is of single-tier design; solely the last group is double-tier. The SpeedSizer AT film coating unit provides uniform application on both sides. The MasterReel ensures optimum winding quality of the 7,900 mm wide web, permitting maximum roll diameters of 4,000 mm.