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Excellent surface quality with PikoClean on-site coating

PikoTeknik carried out an on-site job at APP Ningbo Zhunghua Paper. They ground ten drying cylinders and coated two of them with PikoClean. The work was completed within only seven days.

The cylinders have been running now for one year, and the customer is fully satisfied with the coating. The surface condition is still good. No scratches, doctor markings or any other damages occurred. Also the operation life of the doctor blades is longer than before, which saves us hard cash.” stated William Wu, Manager Production Department of APP Ningbo Zhunghua Paper.

Additionally, there are no stickies on the coatings, therefore the cleanliness of the cylinders and blades has improved tremendously. All these advantages led to a trouble-free operation and an improvement in paper machine efficiency as well as in paper quality.

PikoClean is a dirt repellent non-stick coating that has been recognized as one of the most successful on-site coating in the paper industry. PikoClean is available in different variations – all designed to the respective application. Furthermore, it is the most applied on-site coating on dryer cans and guide rolls worldwide.