Goodrich Agrochem Pvt. Ltd. highlights HEMICELL F-90 - Papermart

Goodrich Agrochem Pvt. Ltd. highlights HEMICELL F-90

GoodrichAt Paperex 2013, the company highlighted a newly-launched product called HEMICELL F-90, which is a wet strength additive for pulp and paper industry. This product is unique as it is different from conventional products, which need to be cooked. This product is user friendly, as it can be used directly in powder form and gives excellent results by improving many paper qualities.
The company is all set to launch wet strength additive products for foreign markets. It is also planning to enter into the specialised paper products conversion field. The company’s emphasis is on products that can reduce dependency on plastic or polythene – ecologically-unfriendly products.
Participating in Paperex 2013 was the first-time experience for the company. Representatives of the company felt that their participation in the event was by all means a pleasant experience. They also believed that although the company was well known for its wet strength additive products in the Indian pulp and paper industry, Paperex 2013 had enhanced public awareness of the company’s product portfolio.