Invest in Sweden Agency inaugurates India office - Papermart

Invest in Sweden Agency inaugurates India office

New opportunities for Sweden- India cooperation in materials science sector covering the paper & packaging industry

Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA), a Swedish government agency operating under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has set up its fourth worldwide office in India to assist and inform Indian investors about business and investment opportunities in Sweden. ISA’s other offices are in the US, Japan and China.
Sweden AgencyThe setting up of this office underpins the strategic focus on India for attracting investments into Sweden. Companies planning to establish or expand business operations in Sweden, be it strategic alliances, access to product innovations, R&D, mergers, international/regional HOs for Sweden, Scandinavia or Northern Europe can free of charge, obtain information and assistance from ISA through its well established network in Sweden with access to companies, government and the regions.
Mr. Per-Erik Sandlund, President & Director-General, ISA, said, “Sweden is an investment hotspot and among the top five countries worldwide in international trade. As companies in India expand and consolidate their global footprint, we would like to be a part of their consideration set.Weare excited to be in India and look forward to working with investors to open a world of business opportunities for them in Sweden.”
Internationally successful Swedish companies such as Tetra Pak, AssiDomän, Billerud Munksjö, Rexam, SCA and Stora Enso bear witness to Sweden’s packaging heritage and provide a vast pool of expertise to Indian companies. This has helped Sweden pioneer several innovations in the packaging sector. For instance, Sweden is the birthplace of world-leading furniture retailer IKEA which has spearheaded the flat packaging concept.
Today, Sweden also leads many of the packaging industry’s most exciting fields, such as sustainable materials development, intelligence in packaging and consumer understanding.
Sweden’s R&D efforts and innovation in packaging also focus on new materials. Some of the companies active in this area are Ecolean that develops and manufactures packaging systems for the dairy and liquid food industry with a focus on innovative design in sustainable new packaging material; Wellplast which specialises on clean and moisture proof packaging solutions, including their trademark unique packaging material made from chalk; OrganoClick, an organisation founded in 2006 based on scientific breakthroughs in modifications of bio-fibers using green chemical catalysis; and Xylophane, which offers a unique renewable barrier material for packaging.
ISA has recruited Packaging & Fiber Specialist Rajiv Sheopuri to focus on exploring business opportunities for packaging companies in Sweden. ISA is already in talks with business leaders in the industry and some projects are already underway with companies in the Paper and Packaging sector.
Commenting about ISA services Mr. Anders Eliasson, Head of Materials Science said: “Actually what we do is that through the network of our respective industry experts like Rajeev Sheopuri for Indian Packaging industry firstly we select the potential companies who are looking for innovations. Secondly, we identify the issues they are facing. Then we do research along with our network in Sweden and inform them that which technology can act as solution for it. But, nevertheless our role is more sort of knowing and understanding the main network between the two countries and try to sum up with partnerships that will lay some platforms.”