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JK Paper to offer Colorlok Technology in India

JK Paper to Offer ColorLok Technology in India Feature

Hewlett Packard has been pushing for a higher-quality printing experience f or everyone and recently they announced a step in that direction. JK Paper Ltd., the largest cut-size paper manufacturer in India has committed to supporting the ColorLok paper standard.

“JK Paper Ltd. is proud to adopt ColorLok technology in our paper. Our company produces high-value paper, and this commitment continues our history of innovation while improving the printing experience for our customers,” A.K. Ghosh, Vice President of Sales for JK Paper, said in a statement.

By using ColorLok paper in their product lines, companies can print with more vivid colors and bolder blacks that do not show through to the other side. The paper offers a faster drying time and optimal results, making it very customer-friendly.

JK Paper is making ColorLok paper available to 40% of the Indian market. This means the new technology standard will soon be available in ten paper companies worldwide. The Colorlok program was announced at Paperworld in 2008 and has since been gaining global momentum. The technology is applied to recycled paper, giving it the ability to produce the same quality as most non-recycled papers. This allows companies to not only meet customers’ needs but to also help the environment.