June-The month of exuberant Exhibitions, Networking, Striking New Deals and Display of kitties - Papermart
Special Feature

June-The month of exuberant Exhibitions, Networking, Striking New Deals and Display of kitties

Back to Back we travelled to 3 destinations to stumble on new developments and more advanced technologies and the Indian presence. The 3 exhibitions held at Finland, Thailand and Germany exceeded our expectations and seeing the Indian Paper Industry which has paved the inroads in International arena was a proud feeling. The Indian Paper Industry, slowly & steadily is being recognized among the important contributors in the Pulp and Paper Industry worldwide. And, the companies abroad are turning towards us too. Here the team PaperMart presents the reviews of the 3 shows.
PulPaper 2010special feature
1-3 June 2010, Helsinki-Finland
Key Highlights:
On display were the new technological developments, quality equipments, and more safe & sound techniques. The companies were seen to be more focused on the eco-friendly technologies like the use of Bio-Energy which can add pace to the paper industry and forest sector. The majority of focus was given to compact and customized solutions.
“Implementing the new rise”- the theme covered topics that the forest cluster has to deal with to maintain its position and improve results in the changing environment.
Indian Presence:
Garuda Vaccum & Refinning Technologies
Paper Mart
Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Ltdspecial feature4
Parason Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
PPI Pumps
Next Edition: 2013 (dates not yet announced)
Visitors: In 2010 more than 12000 visitors
In 2007 over 16,102 visitors from 78 different countries.
No. of exhibitors: 625 companies in 210 stands

specail featureAsian Paper 2010

16-18 June 2010
Key Highlights:
Organizers claimed the show was a success but not like the previous year. Due to the change in the dates & the news of political instability many visitors resisted to come to Bangkok. But despite the above said reasons the show started on the high spirit along with some conferences and a perfect platform for networking. The Indian exhibitors at the Asian Paper were among the majority of participants and the lots of Indian visitors were also visible too. The high profile Conferences attracted a good number of attendees, with over 150 delegates participating at the Senior Management Symposium (SMS) and New Applied Technology (NAT) conference. The Mill Visit to BJC Cellox Mill on the eve of the show was also well received by the attendees.
Indian Presence:
Aero Therm Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Arvind Rub Web Control Ltd.
Atlas Knives / D.B. Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Ballarpur Industries Ltd.special feature5
Duflon Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Garuda Vaccum & Refinning Technologies
Hydro Prokav Pumps India Pvt. Ltd.
Mare Raghunath Chemicals Ltd
Modern Drive Shaft Pvt. Ltd.
Paper Martspecial feature6
Paramount Minerals and Chemicals Ltd.
Parason Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.
PPI Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
Pap Tech Engineering
Shalimar Wires Industries Ltd
Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd.
Reliable Papers India Ltd
Suma Agency Pvt. Ltd.
Vacunair Engineering Co Pvt. Ltd
Next Edition 25-27 April, 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand
Visitors: In 2010, 3023 trade visitors.
In 2008 it attracted over 5019 visitors from 48 different countries.
No. of exhibitors: 140
special feature 3Zellcheming- Annual General Meeting and Expo
June 29-Jul 01-2010, Wiesbaden, Germany

Key Highlights:
The exhibitors were more or less same as compared to previous year. The focus was mainly to bridge the gap between research and the industry. The foreign visitor’s turnaround was good. The show was based on the analysis of the companies, markets and countries and striking the possible business opportunities one can get among them. Despite of the tense economic situation, the exhibitor participation as well as the total stands space declined only of about 12 percent. The lectures programme dealt with current and trend-setting topics offering the opportunity to intensive discussions. ZELLCHEMINGExpo 2010 closed with a positive result affected by optimism and satisfaction among exhibitors as well as visitors.
Indian Presence: Paper Mart
Next Edition: 28 to 30 June 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany.special feature7
Visitors: In 2010, 3114 trade visitors from 18 countries.
In 2009, it attracted about 3000 visitors.
No. of exhibitors: 252