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Lorentzen & Wettre introduce L&W FSD Sensor for Paper and Board machines

April 16, 2012

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Lorentzen & Wettre, and ABB Company, announced a new FSD (Forming Section Drainage) Sensor for paper and board machines. This new sensor measures the amount of water at any desired position in the forming section. The measurement results make it possible to gain control of drainage and ply bonding.

With L&W FSD Sensor it is possible to optimize the wet end chemistry of the stock, which will enable better runnability and increase paper quality.

Normal use is in single point measurements between step foils or vacuum boxes. It is common to measure before or after the couch roll, to be able to estimate moisture content in the paper, before it leaves the wire. In multi-layer Fourdrinier machines all layers are easily monitored, providing a better overall picture to improve multiple ply bonding. The instrument provides for control of foils adjustments, vacuum, refining and the use of retention chemicals.

The main advantages of controlling drainage is reduced energy consumption, reduced number of web breaks, reduced emissions, reduced usage of chemicals and reduced wear and maintenance. These are benefits that lead to lower costs, better runnability and increased paper quality. Further L&W FSD Sensor uses high frequency technology instead of radioactivity and therefore requires no special permit to be used.

“With this new sensor in combination with our other portable instruments, it is possible to monitor the drainage profile all the way from headbox to couch”, says Mr Lars Kånge, Product Manager, Lorentzen & Wettre.