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Maxim exhibits cost effective solutions

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Maxim participated with the theme “Cost effective Solutions” and launched its latest and innovative chemical solutions:

1. BF enhancement chemical for kraft grade.
2. Cationic and anionic surface size chemicals for both duplex and printing & writing grades.
3. Neutral deinking chemical – all in one product to eliminate the use of caustic, silicate, noodles, surfactant and enzymes in deinking plants.
4. Hybrid bentonite for drainage improvement and steam savings.
5. Enzyme for ETP treatment for BOD, COD & color reduction.
6. Modified AKD for kraft grades.

Though Maxim started as a trading company in 2009 but in last 6 months, they started manufacturing most of the products through toll manufacturing facilities in Singapore. Also they are importing many specialty chemicals from US, Europe & Korea and exporting them to South East Asian and Middle East markets.