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Presentation Quality Documents from Enviro-responsible Paper

Top quality paper for better quality printing and enhanced colors
presentation qualityA premium grade and environmentally res-ponsible paper, set to accentuate the quality of printed documents, is now available in India with the launch of PaperOne™ Presentation by APRIL.
At 100gsm, PaperOne™ Presentation features ultra high whiteness, and brightness and is designed to optimize the colours and graphics in any print document.  Engineered to provide superb printability, the result is outstanding sharpness, contrast and clarity.
“Business users, graphic designers, in fact anyone who needs to  produce on demand  proposals, management reports, presentations where high quality colour printing is a key requirement will find PaperOne™ Presentation the perfect paper for their needs,” says Dino Nilo, General Manager, Consumer Marketing of APRIL.  “We know the importance of creating the right image so this paper is designed for use when ‘Presentation’ of your documents really matters.”
“PaperOne™ Presentation not only meets the demand for high quality printing, it is also an environmentally responsible choice as it is made solely from fibre which comes from fully sustainable fiber plantations.”
Backed by an ISO 9002-certified quality management system, the paper has an archiving life of 200 years. Precision rotary cutters are used during the production of PaperOne™ Presentation to ensure that every piece of paper is singularly cut with clean and even edges. This results in a product that optimises printer performance, translating into greater office efficiency and productivity. PaperOne™ Presentation is also suitable for large scale print jobs and can run smoothly even in the most temperamental office machines, a significant benefit to businesses that regularly require high quality prints.
PaperOne™ Presentation’s maker, APRIL, has attained certification under the LEI certification for Sustainable Plantation Forest Management, becoming the first to achieve this. The company is committed to protect and manage the High Conservation Values in its plantations, making it one of only two pulp and paper manufacturers in the world to do so.