SCG Paper upgrades production process at Phoenix Plant

SCG Paper has invested Baht 2,200 millions (USD 71 million) in upgrading the Khon Kaen – based Phoenix Pulp & Paper plant’s utilities production and environmental management efficiency to international standard.
The new Baht 2,200 millions investments will include two projects as follows:
• Efficiency upgrade for producing utilities from biomass – This will involve an investment of Baht 1,400 millions to replace old machinery in the production unit with new one to enable the company to better control environment standard that meets the international standard. The company will install the Recovery Boiler which has a capacity to produce 108 tons per hour of steam and the installation of one unit of steam turbine and power generator with 9.62 megawatt capacity. All biomass used in this production unit will be from waste in the pulp production process. The technology is from Finland and Japan.
• Efficiency upgrade for environmental management – This will involve an investment of Baht 800 millions. Production process upgrade for better environmental management efficiency: new Oxygen plant replacement, installation of Double Oxygen Delignification (ODL), Non Condensable Gas (NCG), installation of Gasifier for Lime Kiln and new Lime Kiln unit.