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Stora Enso SC paper machine line runs a new speed record

Stora Enso LogoThe Metso supplied PM 12 at Stora Enso Kvarnsveden mill in Sweden has improved the world speed record of SC paper production. The machine reached a 24-hour record of 1,926 m/min on January 21st. The top speed achieved during the period was amazing 2,009 m/min.

“This new record shows what can be achieved with the newest machine technology in the hands of highly skilled operating staff. It is also a result of the good co-operation between Metso and Stora Enso. We did not face any unexpected challenges during the record run, and we expect to break even this record in the near future”, states Annica Bresky, Production Manager of PM12 at Stora Enso Kvarnsveden.

“The runnability was good and tail threading operated smoothly through the whole machine. Also reel turn-ups were without problems at the record speed”, adds Lennart Johansson, PM 12 Superintendent.

Kvarnsveden PM 12 was started up in November 2005. It is the largest SC paper production line in the world. PM 12 is one of the largest investments that Stora Enso has ever made in Europe, and the biggest ESS (extended scope of supply) paper mill project by Metso.