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Roll Modernization – A Path towards the Better Runnability of Paper Machine

Roll modernization can improve roll performance to the next higher level by reducing maintenance expenditures and failures of rolls. It has to be understood that regular service and inspection of press rolls and suction rolls always reduce the unexpected roll failures thus providing the paper machine with the least mechanical......
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Amar Elastomers Private Limited: Optimisation of Runnability and Selection of Suction Roll Shell in Wet End

Over the last 35 years, Amar Elastomers, through diligence and persistence, has built itself a brand and acquired a reputation for service universally benchmarked against the best, by innovating the preferred and required rubber roll solutions for paper machines for the Indian paper mills and for overseas mills also. Amar......

Amar Elastomers: Stepping into the Paper Industry With Indigenously Manufactured Suction Roll Shells

Rajiv Kumar Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Amar Elastomers, talks about the company’s suction rolls indigenously developed for the first time under the ‘Make in India’ initiative in an interview given to Paper Mart India. Paper Mart: Can you tell us about Amar Elastomers’ indigenously developed suction rolls? Rajiv Kumar Agarwal:......