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BASF Develops Label Adhesives to Help Ease Recyclability of Paperboard Packaging

The new adhesives combine advanced properties and the labels can be easily removed from the recovered paper stream during recycling. February 16, 2022 BASF has achieved a breakthrough in the development of adhesives that do not interfere with the recycling of transport boxes, such as paperboard and cardboard boxes with......
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Lactips Launches Plastic Free Paper: Paper Packaging Coating That Is Plastic- And PFAS-Free and fully Recyclable and Compostable

The product is the only coating solution to replace plastics and chemical treatments for sealable packaging papers, a barrier to oxygen, fats and mineral oils. October 12, 2021 Lactips, the French company specialised in producing a 100 percent bio-sourced casein-based plastic material that is biodegradable, has developed a first-generation coating......