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Tecno Paper, Italy Enters Indian Shores

In order to strengthen its commercial network in the tissue & paper industry Tecno Paper Srl has signed an agency agreement with Abhi Impex Pvt Ltd for India. Paper Mart had an online interaction with Mr. Paolo Baldaccini, Sales Director, Tecno Paper and Mr. R.K. Agarwal, Director, Abhi Impex. Here are their views on the Indian paper industry & their alliance.
The Indian Potential
“We resolutely believe that the Indian market will continue to grow even if other industrialized economies are in deficit. The strategic location of the country will also help in accessing the neighbouring countries in future. Moreover, there is huge potential of growth in the packaging & tissue paper consumption in India along with the development of other grades of paper”, informs Mr. Baldaccini.

Product range, Services & key focus areas
The main activities of Tecno Paper are engineering, development and construction of new paper machine sections. They will be focussing more on tissue and packaging paper machinery. As these are two fields in which the company has got long experience along with qualified and expert staff.
techno paper newThe company plans to offer tailored solutions for paper machine sections like fourdrinier and crescent former, conditioning felt, press section, drying section and pope reel in the finishing part. They also have an imperative experience in producing re-winders, un-winders, tissue coupling and shaft and reel handling equipments just in special circumstances.

Value Addition to Indian Paper Mills
“We would like to co-operate with Indian paper makers not just for selling our technology, rather would like to help them in increasing the quality and quantity of their production, understanding their problems during the process of production and identify the causes of these problems in order to propose them suitable solutions”, affirms Mr. Baldaccini
Marketing Strategy
We intend to make the Indian paper industry aware about the expertise and experience of Tecno Paper in engineering, development and assistance in new projects and rebuilds of paper machine. This propagation will help us in promoting the company in India and thereby generating new orders”, believed Mr. Agarwal.