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Turkey-based Kipas Kagıt Orders Containerboard Making Line from Valmet

The order is included in Valmet’s orders received of the third quarter 2021. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The total value of an order of this type and delivery scope is typically around EUR 90-110 million.

September 17, 2021

Containerboard Making Line

Valmet will supply a new containerboard making line with extensive packages of automation and services to Batı Kipas Kagıt Sanayi İsletmeleri in Söke, Turkey. The new board-making line (PM 3) will produce high-quality fluting and liner grades. The start-up of PM 3 is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

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Valmet’s delivery for PM 3 will include high-speed containerboard making line from broke collection and an approach system to a reel and a winder. An OptiFlo Layering Gap headbox with new innovative aqua layering technology will be used to produce a two-layer sheet with a very good layer coverage using only one headbox and one OptiFormer Gap forming unit with shoe and blade technology. These will be followed by an OptiPress Linear press section and OptiRun Single dyer section topped with an OptiDry Twin impingement drying unit providing superior drying efficiency, excellent runnability, an enhanced draw control and increased bulk, and an OptiSizer Hard sizer giving higher strength values.

The end of the machine line will be equipped with an OptiReel Linear reel combined with transfer rails, and a high-capacity OptiWin Pro two-drum proactive winder with Dual Unwind for even higher winding capacity. A wide scope of board machine and machine hall process ventilation systems, continuous surface size preparation and OptiSizer supply systems will be included, too.

The delivery will include Valmet DNA Automation System including process controls, drive controls, and condition monitoring, and Valmet IQ Quality Control System (QCS) with web monitoring and web inspection systems. The start-up and the further optimization of the new board machine will be supported remotely from Valmet Performance Center utilizing the latest Industrial Internet solutions. Cost Monitoring will offer real-time cost information of energy consumption in the production process. The delivery will also include Valmet Paper Machine Clothing, spare parts and consumables packages.

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The 9,100-mm-wide (wire) board machine will produce recycled fluting, testliner and kraft top testliner grades with a basis weight range of 60-110 g/m2. The design speed of the machine will be 1,800 m/min and the annual capacity approximately 650,000 tonnes.