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Voith Paper Appoints Dr. Michael Weiss as its new CTO

Dr. Michael Weiss succeeds Frank Opletal as the Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Management Board of Voith Paper. His journey with the technology group began in 2006 as a development engineer and up until now, he has held various positions in Research & Development department.

February 7, 2022

Voith Dr Michael Weiss
Dr. Michael Weiss, Chief Technology Officer, Voith Paper

Voith Paper has appointed Dr. Michael Weiss as Chief Technology Officer and member of the Management Board. He started in his new role on February 1, 2022, succeeding Frank Opletal, who is going into well-deserved retirement after 38 years at Voith Paper. In his role, Dr. Michael Weiss reports directly to Andreas Endters, President & CEO of Voith Paper.

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Since 2006, Dr. Michael Weiss has held various positions in the development of pioneering technologies and innovations at Voith Paper, most recently as the Vice President New Business and Research. In his prior role as VP New Business & Research, he has been in charge of innovation management, the simulation department and the central laboratory at Voith Paper since 2017. As CTO, he will contribute his many years of experience in research and development to drive Voith Paper’s innovation strategy around the differentiation criteria of sustainability, efficiency, and full-line supplier. The main aim is to find answers to the megatrends of sustainability and digitalisation and to make them usable for the paper industry.

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Andreas Endters, President & CEO of Voith Paper, says, “As the technology leader and full-line supplier, Voith Paper has always been a reliable partner for its customers when it comes to breaking new ground. Especially today, the paper industry needs more innovations to make production more efficient and sustainable. With his experience and his visionary view of the possibilities that lie in the sustainable material paper, we are pleased to appoint Michael Weiss to the Voith Paper Management Board.”

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Dr. Michael Weiss had joined Voith Paper as a development engineer and has held various positions in research & development, where he dealt with the topics of process optimisation, mathematical simulation, water management, and wastewater treatment, among other things. From 2017 he held the position of Vice President New Business & Research. Dr. Weiss studied process engineering at the RWTH Aachen University and completed his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at the University of Oxford, UK.