Allimand installs and starts-up a vacuum unit on the PM2 at the Abhishek Industries

Allimand has just successfully started-up the PM2 at the Abhishek Industries, of the Trident group in Barnala, Punjab, India. The PM2 produces 400 tons of printing and writing paper per day, 45 -110 g/m2, and has a wheat straw pulp based stock, a wire width of 5-100 mm and runs at 800m/min.
AllimandIn order to optimise the running of this paper machine, Abhishek took on the vacuum unit also proposed by Allimand.  This unit is based on 8 main water ring vacuum pumps and one spare pump installed and connected to the system in “standby” mode. Only 2 pump types were necessary to ensure the various flows and vacuum levels required by the machine, thanks to their extended range of speeds and use of split tubing in order to operate by half-pump modules.
These types are VG 54 and VG 59 pumps (with a capacity of 100 to 200 m3/min) made entirely by Allimand. The foundry came from Allimand’s subsidiary, Safem in Angoulême, and the machining and erection were carried out by Allimand in their workshop in Rives.
The vacuum unit also consists of 4 blowers and main separators made entirely of stainless steel in the wet end.
On the Abhishek site, the possibility of installing the motors over the pumps frees space on the floor and therefore benefits circulation and access for maintenance work.