Tetra Pak to invest 88 million to build state-of-the art packaging material plant in India!

Tetra Pak is investing over € 88 million (INR 570 crores) to build a state-of-the-art packaging material manufacturing plant in India to meet growing demand of the Indian dairy and beverage industries as well as growing demand from other emerging markets around the Indian subcontinent.
Tetra PakThe new plant will have an initial capacity of four billion standard (1-litre) packages per year. The capacity of Tetra Pak’s existing plant in Pune is 1.8 billion standard packages. Today’s plant, which started commercial operations in 1997, currently produces packaging material for Tetra Fino Aseptic, Tetra Classic Aseptic and Tetra Brik Aseptic packages.
India, the world’s largest milk consuming country, has experienced strong economic growth in recent years, which has contributed to growth in juices, nectars and still drinks as well as burgeoning demand for packaged milk. The construction of a new packaging material manufacturing plant will enable Tetra Pak customers to meet the growing needs of this dynamic market.
Tetra Pak operates in more than 150 markets with over 9000 packaging machines in operation in 2008. Tetra Pak delivered in 137,302 million packages in 2007.