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APPM planted 1 billionth tree

October 25, 2012

The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited (APPM), celebrated the milestone of planting one billion trees in India through its farm forestry initiative. A ceremonial billionth tree was planted at the APPM manufacturing facility in Rajahmundry by Mr. Thomas Kadien, senior vice president, Consumer Packaging & IP Asia and India, to mark the occasion.

Addressing a group of farmers, nursery managers, environmentalists and representatives of the India Forestry Service, Mr. Michael Amick, President – IP India, said, “Our farm forestry program helps ensure a stable supply of raw material for our paper manufacturing while helping to create jobs and improve the lives of many families throughout the region. We want to thank the many farmers and nursery managers who have partnered with us to make this a continuing success. The program has helped restore productivity to barren lands and generate income for thousands of families. The farmers and local communities have also benefitted from firewood, feed for their cattle, and other advantages that have resulted from this program. Reaching the billion tree milestone is a testimony to our ongoing focus on sustainability and demonstrates our commitment to being responsible in the way we conduct our business.”

The farm forestry initiative was established by APPM in the early 1980s when it recognized the growing concern of non-availability of fibrous raw material for the paper industry. The company embarked upon the ambitious program of self sustenance by generating the requisite fibrous raw material in collaboration and cooperation with farmers by utilizing their marginal and degraded lands, which were lying barren and unutilized.

This integrated pulpwood-based farm forestry project operates in nine coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. The farm forestry initiative has not only resulted in International Paper in India now sourcing 100% of its raw material requirement through its farm forestry developed in the catchments, but it has been successful in bringing about the much-desired improvement in the socio-economic status of the small scale farmers and local inhabitants.

APPM/IP’s 1 Billion Trees in India
Largest farm forestry program in India
APPM plants 2 trees for every 1 tree that is used in its paper manufacturing
Generated income for 45,000 families
150 million seedlings to be planted in 2012
Green cover on 150,000 hectares with significant improvement in the fertility of the land.