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Archroma begins new era in delivering colour and specialty chemicals

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Former textile, paper and emulsions businesses of Clariant were acquired by SK Capital Partners

October 1 2013

Archroma announced its official launch as a newly formed global colour and specialty chemicals company that comprises the former Textile Specialties, Paper Solutions and Emulsion Products businesses of Clariant. To be combined into a single entity at close, Archroma will continue to deliver specialised performance and colour solutions to the textile, paper, adhesives, coatings and construction industries. The three businesses were acquired by SK Capital Partners, a US-based private investment firm with a disciplined focus on the specialty materials, chemicals and healthcare sectors.

To be led by CEO Alexander Wessels, the newly recruited senior leadership team will seek to generate a renewed sense of purpose and vision, and will work closely with the current heads of the three businesses acquired from Clariant, whose unique understanding of their markets and customers has advanced the strategic positioning of Archroma.

“We’re open for business with a new name and a financially strong and knowledgeable parent who believes in our technology, brand and leading market positions,” says new CEO Alexander Wessels.

Archroma will be headquartered in Switzerland along with the management team of Archroma’s Paper Solutions Business. The Textile Specialties Business will be managed from Singapore and the Emulsion Products Business from Brazil.

Paper Solutions: Archroma’s Paper Solutions Business provides expertise in the management of whiteness, colouration, special coatings and strength for all kind of papers. “By combining our focused product range with the application services of our paper experts around the globe, we enhance both the optical and functional properties of paper,” said a representative of the Company.

Emulsion Products: From paints, adhesives and construction to the textile, leather and paper industries, Archroma’s Emulsion Products Business provides solutions for a wide range of applications. Customers have been witness to the outstanding success of Archroma’s Mowilith® emulsions since its first patent was obtained in 1912.

Archroma, a new name with a trusted heritage

Pronounced Ahr-kroh-mah, the name of the company is reminiscent of the words “arch” and “chroma”. It represents the commitment from 3,000 employees, 25 production sites, 35 countries and 3 businesses to come together in a new company to better meet customer needs. It also confirms the company’s position as a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals with strong market insights and a rich heritage of materials excellence and expertise.