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BTG Total Tissue Capability- A Holistic Approach to Tissue Making

BTG announces the launch of its Total tissue Capability package, a new tightly integrated product and service offering combining hardware, specialist expertise and consumables designed to help tissue makers quickly resolve persistent problems and optimize their process.
In a highly competitive market, tissue manufacturers are under intense pressure to boost productivity while also cutting costs. At the same time, many struggle daily with problems in the creping phase that no amount of fine tuning seems to alleviate.
As a global market leader in pulp & paper technologies, BTG knows that localized problems can have complex origins. Many issues that surface during creping actually stem from problems earlier in the process which could be relatively easily corrected or even eliminated, for a smoother and more cost-efficient process.
A holistic solution to process Issues
BTG’s holistic total Capability approach delivers fast and effective results because it takes a global look at each customer’s tissue making process. Combining products from the company’s Instruments and Duroblade portfolios allows engineers to quickly identify and remedy issues, many of which can be traced back to the unstable quality of raw material, process upsets in stock preparation and uncontrolled dosages of process and functional additives.
Tons of fibers are wasted daily through inefficient fiber recovery. Common problems include unstable coating and release properties leading to unstable sheet quality, blade life reduction through unstable dewatering in the forming section, and the mounting consumption of costly chemicals to maintain desired tissue properties.
BTG’s fast, direct measuring technologies, high-performance doctor blades and blade holders can deliver substantial production improvements and tighter process control – translating into rapid time-to-benefit and ROI for customers.
With an unrivalled understanding of the pulp & paper process, BTG Total Tissue Capability teams will develop strategies to help customers Reduce sheet breaks, Extend blade life, Increase speed, Gain softness, Avoid felt filling, Control ERIC, Control Brightness/Redness & Optimize chemical efficiency.