“Efforts are being made by the industry” - Papermart

“Efforts are being made by the industry”

HD KulkarniDay 2 Newsletter, 25th October 2013
Commenting on agro-farm forestry Dr. H. D. Kulkarni, Vice President (Plantation), ITC Ltd – PSPD, said, “Efforts are being made by the industry on this front. Shortage of raw material in recent times and continued high demand for wood has taken the price table up for wood. This factor has led to massive planting under agro-farm forestry by farmers. Nearly 2 lac hectares has come under plantations in India during this year (2013-14) and if this planting rate continues, pulp and paper industry will have ample wood generated to meet its demand from 2016 to 2020. Further, to keep the planting pace rising, industry/nursery growers are putting up new planting material production facilities to produce ample planting material to be planted under agro-farm forestry. Furthermore, pulp and paper industries’ R&D facilities are focusing on production of high-yielding clones of Eucalyptus, Subabul and Casuarina so that farmers get higher returns and mills get the desired quality of wood on a continuous and sustainable basis. Government should ease transit permit rules for pulpwood trees grown in agro-farm forestry as well as permit free movement of wood across the country… as few states have banned movement of certain pulpwood…as such restrictions will bring down plantation activity. Promotion of agro-farm forestry will ensure wood and food security for our country.”