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Enduring Lessons from Finest Minds

It was that innate understanding of Indian paper industry behavior that prompted us to showcase the art of marketing in the industry. So, it is a small stride taken by the team of Paper Mart to make people aware about the need and importance of the marketing to make it “icing on the cake” for the growing Indian paper industry. So, here we are sharing the thoughts of some of the enduring minds.

George ThomasGeorge Thomas, detailsPersonal Attribute/Belief: Honesty &Intellectual Integrity are critical for success in all your deeds.

Evolution in Experience: Paper Industry has, over the years, migrated from a Seller’s Market to a Buyer’s Market; thus calling for a remarkable transformation in attitudes, skills and professional relationships.
My Mantra: Quality will only be appreciated only when it is backed by excellence in Service.
” In a market that is crowded with options and where there is not much to choose between competitors in as much as quality is concerned; the quality of your service will become the most discerning factor for any customer – timely responses; timely supplies; timely resolutions and issues etc.”

Pradeep kumar Vasist
Pradeep kumar Vasist., detailsPNG
Personal Attribute/Belief: Leadership is a hands- on approach bringing in better cohesion in the team resulting in optimum alignment and delivery.

Evolution in Experience: While the academic inputs provided the base, it was the discovery of inherent availability of traits which opened up opportunities of growth. Further refinement of these traits backed by exposure in various industries, involving higher responsibilities with passage of time and experience has resulted in a multi-skill, multi-functional, target oriented source of marketing competence.
My Mantra: A customer will agree to try out your product only when is comfortable with you.
“What is not taught in the classrooms of all the Management Schools, and also by the employers- the Marketing team and its Head, is the most basic fact of presenting a total communication module consisting of body language, sequence of verbal presentation, and the contents of the presentation while proposing to the customer that you could be of use to your customer. This combination should be so tuned with his personality that the presenter needs multiple skills to ensure that the customer accepts the fact that the visitor is there to help him and is not interested in only selling his product. Thus after nudging the customer to this comfort zone, the customer will be willing to either immediately place a trial order or will remember you and call you up once he has a requirement. No amount of striking formal wears, product oriented monologue, high pressure selling skills, distribution of free samples, quoting the names and numbers of current users will work..! Then & only then will all the pre and post marketing activities be justified.”

Somesh jawa
Somesh jawa, details
Personal Attribute/Belief: To succeed, one needs more mental attitude than mental capacity.

Evolution in Experience: I have experience in diversified fields. I have worked in office automation industry for 12 years, in automobile industry for 10 years and I am in the paper industry since Feb 2001.
My Mantra: Be honest, don’t be afraid of failures.
“Fear of failure is an attitude problem. One has to be more worried about the chances one misses, than not trying. We must take our decisions at an appropriate time and not delay them of fear. Some decisions may go wrong. That is how we learn from them. This learning is actually experience.”

Dev Krishna Chanda
Dev Krishna Chanda, Details
Personal attribute/ Belief: Street Smarts, Persevering, Articulate, Nonconformity, Conscientious
Evolution in Experience: I have started my carrier with Birla Group in 1968 as PARTA/ Costing Clerk, through the competitive path of Tata Rallis in 1971, Homi Mehta Group in 1975, in 1979 joined in Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd as a Commercial Manager, later on through my leadership skill & commitment towards work and organization, I reached to G.M. (Commercial) and later on President (Coating Plant).

My Mantra: The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.

“Leadership resolved and conviction towards diversity is an essential prerequisite for the success of any diversity programme. Absence of such conviction will encourage slippage and will end up with policies and strategies remaining on paper and seldom seen in action.”
Gautam Mullick
Gautam Mullick., details
Personal Attribute/Belief: Soft Spoken & Friendly
Evolution in Experience: To change strategies along with changing market conditions.
My Mantra : To identify correct product positioning in a growing market.

“A market exists for every product. One has to understand the product attributes and then search out the niche market. In a market scenario, where supply is more than demand, the product quality gives the cutting advantage followed by order servicing.”
Madhav D Shah
Madhav D Shah., DetailsPNG
Personal Attribute/Belief: Be sincere to your work and transparent & fair in your dealings.
Evolution in Experience: The World of Marketing is very fascinating. You have to keep your eyes and ears open and it is never ending learning experience.

My Mantra: Be honest in your dealings and world will response their confidence in you.

“Immediately after completing my education, when I started my professional career, I was advised by my parents that if I have to succeed in life, I should be not only sincere in my work, but transparent, honest and fair in my dealings with others. This policy has paid me a rich dividend. Today one’s credibility plays a very important role in being successful.”
Munesh Bansal
Munesh Bansal., detailsPNG
Personal Attribute / Belief: Personally I believe that we should be positive in every walk of life whether in business or personal life.
Evolution in Experience: The journey till date has taught me many lessons to remember all my life. I have faced many ups and down in my career but happy to come so far and achieved a lot…..and more miles to go.
My Mantra: Think high and do your best.
For every task you must think high so that it can constantly reminds you of your benchmark. You must be proactive & adapt according to the situations. The task undertaken should be done utilizing all your abilities in order to extract maximum benefit from it.