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Rendezvous with Mr. Rajinder Gupta

Inspired by Challenge: An integral part of the Trident credo
Trident group is a 25 billion conglomerate exports to over 65 countries across 5 continents with an annual growth rate of over 30%.
It’s not easy, being positive at the time when the industry is caught in the whirlwind of financial crisis. For Abhishek Industries, however, the crisis was a god-sent opportunity it used to gain market share, while rivals were busy protecting their sails. Steadying his ship is Mr. Rajinder Gupta, CEO, Trident Group and a visionary. Has the crisis changed the perception about the business and the industry? Hear it from Mr. Rajinder gupta, the person behind the stupendous growth of the Trident Group Companies, in conversation with team Paper Mart.
Paper Mart: “We have witnessed as how Abhishek Industries has grown in the recent years”, what is the driver behind your growth?
Rajinder Gupta: Being a young and dynamic company we have an Rajender Guptaenthusiastic and energetic team which is instrumental in making things happen. We provide our people with ownership which ensures their commitment towards the organization. Moreover they are entrusted with authority, responsibility and accountability. Plus our team is living up to the expectations and performing best in the given circumstances. We constantly build new standards and create opportunities that impel growth enabling us to become a benchmark of excellence. Notably, the foundation of our strong values and business ethics has enabled us to meet the demands of the future & in gaining momentum.
PM: What kind of things you do differently in your company?
RG: There’s nothing that we do differently in the company. We are just trying to cope up with the present global scenario by figuring out on the challenge to tame the modern technology and get the best out of that. Even in a traditional industry like paper we try to build business on a high trajectory. For which we employ people with different bandwidths in thought and vision and bring them alive on a larger canvas. So we are looking at building teams that can really groom themselves for the larger challenges and can really harbor a distinct vision to see opportunities in a challenge.
PM: Abhishek has pioneered by installing world’s largest wheat straw based paper mill. What is the idea behind this?

RG: The idea was very simple, we are in a belt which is agro based. Having an agro based mill in such vicinity has given us a boost and significantly to the farmers in the local region who can now earn extra income by selling their agro residue. As the wheat straw which was earlier either being burnt or floured in the field can now be sold.
On the other hand we took up the challenge to make finest office paper without using wood and made it chlorine free too. By not using wood we save 5000 trees per day which provides additional impetus to the social environment.

PM: How does your failure influence you and how are they important to you?

RG: Well, the failure means you are doing something different and something bigger. So every failure confirms that you are taking a bigger and a bolder step. If you are not succeeded in the first attempt, it acts as learning for you. And, if there are no failures then it means that there isn’t any challenge. Every challenge opens up new horizons for growth and brings in learning so that the next time you may succeed.
PM: Presently the paper industry is going through tough competition. So, how do you define competition for yourself?

RG: In an industrial framework there is no constant cycle, it always faces the varied environment. Sometimes, a boom may make you complacent and a challenge makes you more efficient. The healthy competition is good as it acts as a learning curve by helping us becoming wiser, knowledgeable and stronger. It helps in improving the efficiency in every process which ultimately enhances productivity, quality and enables to discover new facts and gives a new perspective to do business.
PM: Do you feel there is sudden emergence of new capacities in writing & printing segment? Mill Photo

RG: I think, this kind of trend comes and prevails for couple of quarters which subsequently gets absorbed. Whenever the industry goes through this type of cycle, there is a dip in the demand and supply equilibrium. People who don’t have the strong fundamentals and do not strive, lose an opportunity to prove their mettle.
PM: At last, what is the source of inspiration for you which has led you to towering heights?
RG: First of all I would say that there is a sense of satisfaction but not the feelings of achievement as of now. Probably it is the capability and competency that I possess which has compelled me to do better each time. It’s the ownership and the passion which are the essential ingredients of the success mantra. Further to define passion, I think it will be the commitment to generate employment, wealth for the country and over all become the catalyst in the growth of the economy & people as well.
Personal information:
Age: 50 years
Education: Management Fellowship, Templeton College (UK)
Initial starting: With the fertilizer plant in 1985 and then forayed into Yarn, Terry Towels, Paper, Chemicals and Power.
Recognition: Prestigious “Padamshree” award, Udyog Ratan award, Distinguished Entrepreneurship award.
Hobbies: Listening to music and reading.