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First integrated pulp & paper mill in South Korea

pulp & Paper mill in South Korea

Moorim Paper Group has awarded Voith Paper to deliver a new integrated paper production line for woodfree coated, machine finished coated and woodfree uncoated paper grades to their DongHae pulp mill site in Ulsan, South Korea. The new machine will use mainly the pulp produced at this site, whereby Moorim will be the first integrated pulp&paper mill in South Korea.

The biggest advantage of the mill concept is the possibility to have an integrated, non-stop process line from pulp and raw material to the finished product. Due to this integration, the whole production process is much more ecological and economical. In addition, steam which incurred during the pulp production can be used for the paper making process. Therefore, this integrated mill will be environmentally friendly and does not use fossil fuel under normal operation conditions.

The new DongHae PM 1 is based on the well proven One Platform Concept and corresponds, with a wire width of 9300 mmand a design speed of 1500 m/min, to an installation size FP 400 (FP=Fine Paper). The machine is designed to produce fine papers in a basis weight range of 75 to 150 g/m² with an annual output of approx 450,000 tons.

After start-up of the new PM 1, which is scheduled for spring 2011, Moorim Paper Group’s overall production output for fine paper will rise above 1 million tons, making the company the biggest fine paper producer in South Korea. This also includes the output of the already existing fine paper production lines of Jinju mill (PM 1 to 3) and of Daegu mill (PM 1 and 2).

The main scope of delivery of DongHae PM 1 includes the complete paper machine as well as an offline coater and two Janus calenders. Furthermore, a VariPlus and a VariFlex winder offer maximum flexibility for the production of a broad range of roll sizes with highest reeling quality.