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GAW Technologies GmbH, Austria

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GAW is a globally preferred supplier, wherever value-creating solutions in processing plant for the manufacture of refined paper and cardboard need to be found for individual customers.

Not all paper that leaves paper machine uncoated is suitable for print products with high demands due to the rough surface. A smooth, closed printing material surface is required in order to create top-quality image reproductions. The paper manu-facturer achieves this smoothness by coating the paper. Paper coating is a method that dates back to 1524, when it was already used predominantly for book bindings, confectionary containers and cartons. GAW coating technology is successfully used in coating colour kitchens, working stations, dispersing machines, combined dispersing system, body unit dispersing aggregate, starch processing, pigment processing, metering technology, filter systems, fibre extraction system, GCC machines/ultramill, coating colour quality analysis and process control systems.

Indian Partner: Elof Hansson (India) Pvt Ltd

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