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ANDRITZ Successfully Starts LC Pulping System at Papeleira Coreboard, Portugal

The international technology group has delivered the new continuous ANDRITZ LC pulping system and also – a detrashing pump, FibreGuard detrasher, FibreWash Drum, cleaners, and a RejectCompactor. March 30, 2021 ANDRITZ has successfully started up a complete continuous low-consistency (LC) pulping system at Papeleira Coreboard, Portugal. The new ANDRITZ LC......

Mondi to Discontinue Production of Industrial Bags in Zeltweg

According to Mondi, this possible restructuring affects only industrial bags production and has no impact on the other two business segments at the site. October 18, 2018 Around 100 jobs might be cut at Mondi’s Austrian site in Zeltweg. The company is examining the possibility to close industrial bags production......
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ANDRITZ Yankee Service: Extending Yankee’s Lifecycle

Manik Seth
Suppliers often provide only single Yankee service components like grinding or leave the customer “alone” with the Yankee after purchase. This is a pity as a well-maintained Yankee offers a high potential for improved runability and efficient production — a remarkable competitive advantage for the customer. With its comprehensive Yankee......

UPM Paper ENA to Cut Down 305,000 tonnes of Graphic Paper Capacity in Europe

Manik Seth
The slackening SC paper demand and adverse market conditions are the reasons behind the permaner closure of some machines November 3, 2016 UPM is planning to permanently reduce its graphic paper capacity in Europe by 305,000 tonnes. The capacity reductions are planned to take place in Austria and Germany. UPM......
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Sappi Gratkorn Increases Process Visibility and Operator Efficiency with Experion®

Manik Seth
“Honeywell as the base supplier for automation systems at Sappi Gratkorn has offered us a customer-oriented solution that reuses installed equipment combined with the newest DCS and QCS functions and technology.”  – Karl Weiss, Sappi Gratkorn Background Paper has been produced at Gratkorn (Austria) for more than four centuries. Sappi......

Extensive Investment of over EUR 100 Million in Laakirchen Papier by Heinzel Holding

Manik Seth
Laakirchen Papier AG will become one of the most competitive paper mills in Europe after the huge investment by Heinzel Holding GmbH who is one of the largest producers of pulp and magazine papers. August 18, 2016 The extensive investments for the expansion of the Laakirchen Paper Mill in Austria......

IBS – PPG: Worldwide Partner for Paper Machine Optimization

Manik Seth
With our iProducts (iFibre, iTable, iPress and iSafety), we have created very innovative system solutions to enable our customers to achieve maximum of quality with minimum of energy and chemical additives, says Marc Kaddoura. IBS – Paper Performance Group, founded in 1967 in Teufenbach, Austria, is a worldwide supplier to......

Boosting the Circular Economy: European Project to Promote Separate Paper Collection Launched

Manik Seth
• IMPACTPapeRec is a European project to further increase the separate collection of paper for recycling and promote appropriate schemes to avoid landfilling and incineration. • A best practice handbook will be developed to support the different EU regions in the implementation of best collection procedures. January 31, 2016 IMPACTPapeRec......

Ilim Group Named Best Russian Exporter-2013

Manik Seth
July 8, 2014 Ilim Group was named the Best Russian Exporter in Pulp & Paper industry under the “Best Russian Exporter-2013”, the annual all-Russian award organized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation. In 2013 Ilim Group exported 1.8 million tons of P&P products. The company......