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Infinity Launches Optic M1 Bundler – Capable to Process 20+ Bundles Per Minute

Infinity Machine and Engineering Corp. has released the Optic M1 Bundler, designed to reach speeds of over 20 bundles per minute. The bundler features a more accessible design, versatile performance, and Infinity’s signature robust steel framing. It is Infinity’s most advanced poly bundler yet.

May 20, 2023

Infinity Machine

Infinity Machine and Engineering Corp. has launched its Optic M1 Bundler which has been designed from the ground up with the needs of the international market in mind.

The Optic M1 Bundler can produce a wide range of bundle configurations and reach speeds of over 20 bundles per minute, giving it the versatility and speed to disrupt the tissue bundler market. Other key advantages include its small footprint, robust steel frame, auto splice poly unwind, active vacuum lance, quick change knife, and modular capability.

At the Infeed of the machine, the Optic M1 features an integrated two-stage choke belt diverter, with hand wheel adjustment for pack width. It features the same Infeed as Infinity’s case packers, creating the added benefit of common parts and common machine knowledge for maintenance technicians. Furthermore, the only wear part on the infeed of the machine is the infeed belts.

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The Optic M1 features Flight Bars that are synchronized with the indexer, enabling maximum take-over speed. The additional flight bar on the Optic M1 is the perfect tool for stacked, “core up” roll configurations. However, to allow for maximum versatility, the second flight bar can be removed and an upender can be swapped in. The upender enables the machine to bundle rolls stacked on ends so that the Optic M1 can bundle a vast array of configurations between the two roll stack orientations. Furthermore, both the second flight bar and the upender units are on casters allowing for quick and easy swaps between the two. 

The Unwind of the Optic M1 is servo driven to ensure easy poly position adjustment. Poly can also be wound from the front or back of the reel, simplifying the loading process. A Poly pullout cart is also featured on the Optic M1, simplifying the process of poly loading and unloading.

A ubiquitous feature on Infinity bundlers is the company’s standard vacuum lance. On the seal jaw of the bundler, the vacuum lance sucks out excess air from the bundle, creating crisp, tight bundles every time. The seal jaw also offers a quick-change knife and seal jaw replacement, reducing machine downtime.

Infinity engineers have prioritized reducing the time and cost of machine maintenance in the design of the Optic M1, resulting in a machine with very few wear parts and many automatic adjustment features. The only manual lubrication axes are the top/bottom seal jaw, cassette width adjustment, and the cassette raise/lower, all bearings are lubed for life. The only wear parts of the machine are the indexer belts, Cassette/Flight bar timing belts, and seal wire. The Optic M1 also features only one valve bank with ethernet feedback and only three manual adjustments. The majority of adjustments on the Optic are done automatically by utilizing adjustment motors; Ceiling height, exit guides, and cassette backstop are all adjusted automatically.

A defining feature of the Optic M1 is its modular capability. Since 2005, Infinity has manufactured bundlers with its industry-original Infusion modular system. Designed to overcome the limitations of fixed linear machines, the Infusion modular system allows for different machine units, such as a bundler, bagger or case packer to be attached to a common infeed module via fixed docking stations. This process can be completed in a half hour and gives our customers the ability to reduce their capital investment and more efficiently utilize floor space.

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The pusher on the machine is on a vertical adjustment, which keeps the working height of the machine low, while also increasing the number of pack configurations the machine is capable of. The vertical adjustment also allows for a simplified change to a case packer module if desired. The modules on the machine feature a French door design, which increases the ease of access to machine components. The discharge of the Optic M1 features a tip-down exit gate, improving worker mobility around the machine.

Infinity was established in 2003 and has continually committed to reshaping the tissue packaging industry by focusing on superior build quality, and devoted customer service. The company is now a trusted name in packaging machinery throughout the world and has supplied and installed machinery in over 20 countries across every continent, except Antarctica.