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Naini Tissues to Upgrade PM1

Naini Tissues Ltd. has selected PMT Italia and Ruby Macons as suppliers of the major rebuild of their machine PM#1 located in Kashirpur, Uttarakhand. The 3.2 m wide machine produces writing and printing paper using agricultural base furnish as bagasse and straw. The paper quality will be improved applying the Smarnip-Mini Shoe Press and by adding a Film Size Press with the relative new post-dryer section. The start up is planned for January 2011.
The preference of Naini for the PMT technology is the direct consequence of the successful start up of the PMT Shoe Press in February 2010 in the Ruby Macons PM#3 mill in Vapi (India), as well as of the great number of PMT references on writing and printing grades. As part of the project, Ruby Macons will make the rebuild of the dryer section, and will manufacture part of the size press under PMT basic engineering and supervision.